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Lake Seneca Ohio Building and Architecture

LAKE SENECA is a planned community with deed restrictions and covenants that:

  • Limit use of all but a few lots to single family residential usage.
  • Limit all residences to a minimum of 900 square feet and enclosed foundations with no campers, tents, basement homes or other temporary structures.
  • Require a building permit from the LSPOA as well as from Williams County for all buildings.
  • Provide for setbacks of 50 feet from the high water mark of the Lake, 10 feet from the side boundaries and 60 feet from the center of the road.
  • Provide for membership dues (now $275 plus $30 per lot) and water fees to Seneca Utilities.
  • Provide for government by the LSPOA and the ability of that board to set additional policies.
  • LAKE SENECA does not discriminate. The regulations say that new owners must be accepted as members, but all who are buying property are accepted upon payment of dues. Those who have not paid dues are "not in good standing" and are not issued authorization stickers for their cars, boats, ATV's, nor guest passes.