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About Lake Seneca

LAKE SENECA is a 270 acre lake created by damming the St. Joseph River in Northwestern Ohio in the late '60s. At the dam, the lake is over 20 feet deep. At the perimeter, Seneca Drive is about 6 miles long.

LAKE SENECA is a community of neighbors in homes and summer cottages who share membership in Lake Seneca Property Owners Association, (LSPOA). Members enjoy the privacy of their homes and properties and planned social and volunteer events. The LSPOA is a corporation with an elected Board of residents who maintain and supervise the communal areas of the Lake.

LAKE SENECA is private property with communal areas including the lake, the beach, access areas, lodge and Kiddie Pond Park, owned by the LSPOA. Even the paved "Seneca Drive" and other roads are owned by the membership fees. Security measures are established to help maintain the privacy of the area.

LAKE SENECA is an area of great potential limited by the financial resources available and the willingness of the members to participate in endeavors. Based on current membership fees actually collected, the lake operates on a budget of a little less than $100,000 a year.

LAKE SENECA is a planned community with deed restrictions and covenants that:

  • Limit use of all but a few lots to single family residential usage.
  • Limit all residences to a minimum of 900 square feet and enclosed foundations with no campers, tents, basement homes or other temporary structures.
  • Require a building permit from the LSPOA as well as from Williams County for all buildings.
  • Provide for setbacks of 50 feet from the high water mark of the Lake, 10 feet from the side boundaries and 60 feet from the center of the road.
  • Provide for membership dues (now $320 plus $30 per lot), and water fees to Aqua Ohio.
  • Provide for government by the LSPOA and the ability of that board to set additional policies.
LAKE SENECA does not discriminate. The regulations say that new owners must be accepted as members, but all who are buying property are accepted upon payment of dues. Those who have not paid dues are "not in good standing" and are not issued authorization stickers for their cars, boats, ATV's, nor guest passes. LAKE SENECA has the following facilities at present: BATHING BEACH licensed by the Department of Health has over 600 feet of sandy shoreline with marked swimming areas. CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA, shuffleboard, tennis and basketball area and picnic area join the beach. BOAT RAMP to launch boats of members. ASSOCIATION DOCKS are available in limited numbers for members without lakefront properties for fishing or docking boats. PICNIC AREAS and lake access at many points around the lake. Some areas have tables and barbecue pits. LODGE available for association events or to be rented by members for personal gatherings. THE LAKE is great for fishing, boating and water sports. All watercraft are limited to "non-wake speed" from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. All facilities are available to members and their guest, most with no additional cost. LAKE SENECA has a central water system operated by Aqua Ohio, an independent company. Homes have individual sanitation programs utilizing septic systems approved on an individual basis. Only the Department of Health (419-485-3141) can make determinations as to whether a specific lot will be issued a septic system permit. LAKE SENECA is located in Northwest Ohio just 3 miles from Michigan and 10 miles from Indiana on Ohio North 576 about 1.25 miles from U.S. 20. We welcome you to visit us and consider membership.